A Rainbow and a Frog is the story narrator by Oona.


Narrator Oona

Deema as Rainbow

Molly as Rainbow

Nonny as Frog

Gil as Frog



Oona: Once Upon a Time there two rainbows and went to Gran's House. She went to the sky.

Molly as Rainbow: Hi, Gran, What you get Gran.

Gran: A candy thank you rainbow thank you.

Molly as Rainbow: you welcome Gran: Which Gran get candy for you.

Little Fish: A candy.

Molly as Rainbow: A candy that it!

Molly as Rainbow: Here go Gran.

Gran: Thank You Rainbows.

Oona: One Day the frogs come to visit.

Gil as Frog and Nonny as Frog: Hi Rainbows.

Molly as Rainbow and Deema as Rainbow: Hi Frogs.

Gil as Frog: can't you find a sweet.

Molly as Rainbow: Sure Frog.

Gil as Frog: Which Rainbow we're it sweet.

Little Fish There it is Sweet: 

Gil as Frog: A sweet that right.

Gil as Frog: Here we go Rainbows

Molly as Rainbow and Deema as Rainbow: Thank you frogs bye.

Oona: And so the rainbows whave to good bye to frogs. And all lives happily ever after.


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