Valatime is the 21th episode of season 1. Its first air on September 2, 2013 and was considered to be the final episode of Season 1. Drangon Guppie before it and Snowing day aired after as part of the brand new season.


Gil and molly A Valatimes fore little fish




The opening begins as Molly tries to say "it's time for Bubble Guppies" "it's time for Bubble" Gil Door And Speek a Search Open the valatime behind the Valatime a Now the Open a Valatime. Gil comes From A plan Running Away! Molly said "It's time for Bubble Guppies"

After The ThemeEdit

Molly & Gil & Bubble Puppy are on their way to school, when they see a Happy Valatime. They made Dand a take a close look at This Begend...

Fram The Fand And the Little Fish Valatime Hort Happy Valatime Song plays

Shop SketchEdit

After, Song Oona Have a Dog Was Goby From a Frog Was Mr. Grouper announces that it's time for lunch.

Molly and Gil SketchEdit

Molly Got A valatime Chocalate Gil Open Molly Here A Small Valatime Candy Molly & Gill run Chase Away Bubbly Puppy a Chocalate Valatime Wim Molly Has there

Class TimeEdit

Batter Short The Clans Valatime Fanplan A Plan Over is it Star The Guppies Valatime Gil Has a Mirror Soon And Now A Forever Tricks They Love Valatime and soon a dance song begins, after that Mr. Grouper tells everyone to go outside.

Story TimeEdit

He Was valatime Shadow for cats foren Made A For A Valatime A Shadow Molly Do A Valatime Cats A Valatime Door For Demma From A House How Is Good

Field TripEdit

Crinks valatime




  • This episode's animation quality seems to be improved from normal episodes. Valatime Find This It he Was

Sandles the Drand Little Fish Said But is Hind From mirror Frames Fore the.Valatime Dance Demma molly Gil. Mister Cat please And cats for valatime. Molly shadow Of Valatime Shadow Heplie Nonny Loving and now Forever Newing Borin fourins valatime come one fiveten frinds of now.


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