"We Totally Rock!" is the episode 9 of season 1. It first aired Feb 28th, 2011.
Guppies Rock
It aired after "Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf?" and before "Fishketball!".


The kids form a rock band and learn to play instruments such as guitars, drums, and keyboards.




The episode begins as Molly tries to say, "It's time for Bubble Guppies!" but she keeps hearing noise, which stops her mid-way. She finds Gil playing a guitar but he can't hear her when she tries to tell him, so she then gets out a giant amp and plays a single riff. Causing Gil shot back from the sound as she then says it and the theme song plays.

After the themeEdit

Gil and Goby are on their way to school when they notice a band performing nearby after they notice the music playing. They approach two lobsters who thank them and he shows them his electric guitar and the drum and they begin to play some more while explaining what rock and roll is to them. Gil, Goby, and the cymbol playing Lobster then play while telling the audience member to do it too. After the Lobster tells them they rock, Gil and Goby listen to them play for a moment before leaving to resume going to class.

Upon arrival, they watch as both Gil and Goby pretend to play rock, then sit down. Mr. Grouper tells them they rock upon being asked, to which Oona and Deema begin to ask questions about rock and roll. So Mr. Grouper begins to tell them what you can use to play rock and roll. Like Guitar, Drums, Cymbol, Tamborine, and Keyboard. And of coursr the microphone!

This inspire Gil to sing, "I Need To Rock!"

Shop SketchEdit

Deema opens up a music shop. Her customer, Nonny, wants to get his electric guitar fixed. Deema greets Nonny who explains the problem and she asks to see the guitar and begins to overlook it. She checks a few things while making some cartoony sound effects, then manages to fix it! Until Nonny tells her its not the right sound and it sounds like drums, so she tries again and manages to get it wrong again, this time making it sound like a keyboard! Trying a final time, Deema gets it right.

It's soon Lunchtime!

Molly and GilEdit

Molly asks Gil what he is listening to and he shows her the shell. She asks to see it, and mentions how she hears rock music so Gil tries once more. He insists its the ocean, then Molly claims its Rock music again and when Gil overlooks it a third time then a hermit crab pops out and pinches him!

Class TimeEdit

In class, the Guppies were trying to play rock and roll. Mr. Grouper silences them and asks about it and informs them that it doesn't sound right, or good unless they try to play the same song together. Deema then suggets they play a concert and Molly asks how one would do this. Inspiring Mr. Grouper to ask what one wouldd need for a concert, like instruments, a stage, and rock and roll clothing

Story TimeEdit

The guppies go outside to play and Goby tells a story of the 3 Lasses who wished to attend a rock concert. The first lass then heard a horrible sound and the lochness Lobster shows up to stop her! She asks to cross the bridge, but he says only those who totally rock may cross. Molly claims she rocks, then tries to show him while playing her guitar. He shoots her down though and Molly runs away out of fear she'd be eaten.

Then, she comes across Lass number 2 who is moving her drum set towards the bridge. Oona mentions that she has to get across to get to the rock concert so both girls try again in order to get across the birdge but when Oona notices the Lochness Lobster holding a fork they flee! Then come across the third lass, who has a keyboard and asks to see this Lobster. It's then Deema tries to play her keyboard but its no use...

Molly then mentions if the girls play together, since they all rock then they might totally rock! And so, all three girls, plus the audience member play together in order to impress the Rock Lobster. He even plays with them and the girls are allowed to cross the birdge. They then cross the bridge and invite the Lobster to come with them to play, and so the foursome all go to the rock and roll concert together and they rocked happily ever after...

Molly and Gil 2Edit

Molly sees Guitar setting up a mini stage and he tries to get "Guitarlose" to play the guitar. Molly asks if maybe he isn't in there and she leaves. But Gil says he is, and they just did a sound check but she doesn't believe him. Just then Guitarlose pops out and pinches him again!

Field TripEdit

The guppies head to the concert and begin to practice backstage. Mr. Grouper informs them that they have fine minutes left when Gil suddenly notices that is Cymbol has gone missing! All of the guppies panic and Mr. Grouper noticed they haven't come out on stage. When they tell him what happened, they ask the audience to help them search for it around the backstage area. With a little bit of searching they manage to find the missing object in question inside a box. Bubble Puppy suddenly pops out underneath of it and the guppies hurry up onto stage and begin to play a song that Molly sings!

Final Molly and Gil ActEdit

Molly tells Gil that he was right and how cool Rock and Roll music is, and how much it rocks. Gil then makes a joke and produces two random rocks from his pocket when he notices Bubble Puppy drag his cymbol away yet again and proceeds to chase after him to get it back.


Molly: Rock and roll rocks!

Deema: WOOHOO!!!

Nonny: My electric guitar is broken. Come with me to get it fixed.

Deema: Rock on, Nonners!

Rock Mess Lobster: *yawns* Excuse me, I'm sorry. I mean you play nicely and all, but you don't totally rock. Now go away before I decide to eat ya.

Molly: Oh, dear. *runs away*

Clam: QUIET!

  • silence*

Gil: I dont think we rock...

(audience cheering) Molly: Thank You! We Love You! Thank You!

Rock Lobsters: Wow, you guys rock!

Gil: Awesome! We rock!

(Gil and Goby slap tails)

Gil: that good?


  • This is the first episode to show 3 songs instead of 2.
  • In The British version of "We Totally Rock!" the title card shows: "We Really Rock!" instead
  • The stadium in which the Bubble Guppies perform a rock concert is located next to the school.
  • This is the second episode where Gil sings the pop song instead of Molly.
  • This is the second time Deema calls Nonny "Nonners".
  • In the story sequence, Deema makes the peace sign when she asks to see the Lobster in question.
  • Multiple times in the episode the guppies showed up in their rock attire. Oddly though during lunch Oona was shown to wear a red bandana, instead of the multi-colored blue one she wore during the concert.
  • The Story Segment is very similar to Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • During the story sequence, Molly's guitar is about the same size compared to Gil's, Goby's and Nonny's throughout various sections of the episode. When Molly says, "Clap with me to help us totally rock!" the guitar is about twice as big as before. When the girl guppies start playing after the scene cuts, the guitar seems to change back to regular size.


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