Who's Gonna Play The Big Bad Wolf? is the eighth episode of season 1. It's first aired on February 3, 2011. It aired before We Totally Rock! and after The Moon Rocks.


The bubble Guppies learn about plays after Deema decides she wishes to perform in one. But when the big bad wolf can't perform its up to her to save the day! Shack Sugar Dog Ever.


Opening ThomasEdit

The opening begins as Molly tries to say "It's time for bubble guppies!" But Gil keeps interrupting by assembling a stage for her. She then manages to say it, but while pretending to be a princess.

  1. After The Game

Theme Mr. Grouper Again

Deema is on her way to school when she notices a bunch of actors and a director practicing for the upcoming play 'Three Little Ducks'. She takes a closer look to talk to the director and soon has to leave for school. When she arrives the tells them what she saw and what happened, and they all begin to think about the important things one needs to put on a play.

Then Gil sings the Pop song!

Shop Sketch Loop Edit

Goby wants to put on a little play, so he goes to the Little Play Store, owned and run by Oona. He finds trouble though trying to pick the right actor for the role. After they successfully make a play. Mr. Grouper announces it's time for lunch

Molly and GilEdit

With the little fish, Gil has made a play. The little fish pretend to be the 3 pigs, and a fourth fish pretending to be a wolf. But the fish that should play wolf oinks instead, confusing Gil greatly...

Class Time Edit

Deema and Goby perform a play with Goby pretending to be a pirate and Deema acting as the Big Bad Wolf. The others compliment her acting, but this makes them curious as to who works in plays. The dance song begins shortly after.

Story TimeEdit

Goby and Gil are caveman actors who want to put on a play in the Cave Stage but they find it difficult because a Mastadon is blocking it. Soon it gives chase to the two Cavemen but they manage to trick the hoard of angry elephant-creatures by pretending to be Mastodons too. After they finally pass the mastodon, they reach the stage cave and they can finally put on a play! About Mastodons...

Molly and Gil 2 Edit

Gil is still trying to put on a play with the little fishes and he manages to get the wolf one to perform correctly and howl. But when the fishes playing the pigs Moo instead, he just ends up getting very confused, again!

Field Trip Edit

The Guppies go to watch the performance of the watch the play Deema had witnessed earlier and she sees the director from then too! They are then informed that the play cannot go on, as the actor who was going to play the big bad wolf is sick. Deema then offers herself to take his place, as everyone thinks she would make a good big bad wolf and the Director allows it! She performs very well, which makes everyone clap and cheer for her as the episode comes to an end...

Final Molly and Gil Act Edit

The little fish decide they all want to be the big bad wolf now and they make Gil play the piggy. After he puts on his nose they all decide to give chase!

Quotes NurseryEdit

  • Deema: Frustation!


  • Gil: Look Molly, the Big Bad Wolf finally learned his line!
  • Little Fish:
  • Molly: *claps* Bravo!
  • Gil: And of course, the Three Little Pigs know what to say...
  • Little Fish: Behind you!


Try Edit

  • Deema: Little pig, little pig, let me in!
  • Oona: That sounds like the Big Bad Wolf!
  • Deema: I said "little pig, little pig, let me in!"
  • *Mr. Grouper knock to the door*
  • Goby: Don't open the door!
  • Mr. Grouper: Bach is weird!
  • Deema: Okay, you've asked for it. Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in. *Blows*
  • Mr. Grouper presses the button, the door opens and Deema falls*


  • Molly: Wow! That was a great play! Deema was the best Big Bad Wofl I ever seen. Speaking of plays, How many are your little piggies doing Gil?
  • Gil: They don't want to play piggies anymore. They all want to plau the wolf now.
  • Molly: Well then who is playing the piggy?
  • Gil: Take a guess. *puts on piggy nose*


  • Nonny: A mastodon is like a hairy, stinky elephant.

Trivia Eag EggEdit

  • This is one of the first and only times Gil is shown to cry.
  • Clam makes a cameo at the end of the episode when the guppies are watching the play. Goby is holding him.
  • At the beginning of the episode, the Little Fish read the title as "Who's Going To Play The Big Bad Wolf?", though the title card reads "Who's Gonna Play The Big Bad Wolf?"