250px-Zookeeper Jo

Zookeeper Jo is the Zookeeper who tends to the entire zoo. Featured in the episode: The Lonely Rhino, she makes her only appearance in this episode.

It is unknown who voices Zookeeper Jo.


Jo is a very king female snail who loves her job at te zoo. She always tends to every animal there, from young to old, for naps to just feeding them or spending time with them to make sure they are happy.

She is very empathetic towards the zoo animals. When they feel sad or pained, she too feels sad or upset for them.


Like most other residents in Bubbletucky, she is a snail. She has pale tan-white colored skin and a big maroon shell. She has small black dot eyes and is usually seen smiling. She has short brown hair, worn in a bob-cut with a big white cowboy hat on top of it. A small black rhino emblem is above the green strap and the hat ties around her head. Jo wears a plain white safari/explorer styled top with a green belt.



  • Some tend to confuse her as a male snail, due to her name and voice.
  • Zookeeper Joe resembles Amazing Daisy!


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